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2012-08-23 17:12:32 by dalmo

Anyone check this anymore? Any of my friends left?

If I

2009-11-28 21:36:17 by dalmo

If I could spend the middle of the night in your mind I would enjoy you explicitly. Don't allow me to take your dreams if I can't keep my own. Wander in your own circles weary soul, these paths are beaten down by my footsteps.

: What do you think this means?


2008-10-06 16:37:42 by dalmo

Now were taking three steps forward, and two steps back!

Rx Bandits

2008-10-02 17:49:01 by dalmo

i woke up this morning looked out my window
guess just what i saw
a little black mushroom cloud forming
but it's ok, i guess we're never gonna get along
are we ever, are we ever, are we ever
[ Chorus ]
and you know there's no time left for us
no time for love no time for lust
no fussing, no fighting, no crying tonight
and you know there's no time left for us
no time for love, no time for lust
no fussing, no fighting, no crying tonight

one, two give it to me
watching the bombs as they impact on your street
i said it's over and out again
it's three years until i'm twenty- four
and i don't wanna die in a nuclear war
i said we build the weapons
while our children starve
when are we gonna recognize
[ Chorus ]
you know there's no time left for us
ashes to ashes, dust to dust
no fussing, no fighting, no crying tonight

No video because they don't have an official one and all the youtube concert recordings don't do them justice. I suggest you just listen to it over iTunes or limewire.


2008-08-15 00:57:13 by dalmo

Girls are back full swing.


2008-08-07 03:16:23 by dalmo

Let me tell you a story of woe and anguish.

I was playing GuildWars (A popular MMORPG I have had it for approximatley 3 days now and I am hooked)
minding my own bussiness when all of the sudden my whole computer froze instantly I was terrified. This is not my computer you see this is my Grandmothers thus making the situation much more intensified. She had already gone off to bed and now I was here alone staring at a error screen. Myy heart was racing and I had no idea what to do. I spotted a Windows Xp for Dummys and retrieve it hoping to find a grain of knowledge to reverse my situation.

Every time I tried to start up the computer it just got stuck loading. I suspect several reason but I can not be sure of any of them. I waited idly as it ran a whole system check via F2 on the keyboard at the start-up menu. My friends when that system restore was done and I was left utterly shocked at the diagnosis. No Error Found, "No Error Found" I thought to myself in disbelief. "The computer is not turning on!".

I waited a few minutes then a glimmer of hope flickered into my heart. "Dell support" I thought triumphantly. Maybe I can get some assistants. It was 1 am but I had distinctly remembered from a commercial that they have 24 hour support. I called and was greated almost instantly her slight accent made her sound much more attractive than I am sure she was but it was still a very comforting voice.

We ran through several differnt troubleshooting techniques and after what seemed like only a mere half hour she told me that there was only one option left. The dreaded terrible horrible unspeakable option of an entire computer reboot. I was informed that I would only be able to get back what I had lost if she had backed up the computer on to some other device. I sat contemplating what to do. I know my Grandmother was not savy with computers and used them for just the small task of checking emails.

"What would you like to do Maxwell" Her voice broke the silence waking me from my stupor of though. I only hesitated for a moment before telling her that I was ready. She then told me the instructions on how to destroy everything we have worked so hard to get on this computer. "Control F11 at the start-up screen" she said. My computer made an awful beeping sound and I was prompted with several questions ensuring that I truly wanted to completely reboot my computer to factory settings. I clicked yes, after almost 30 minutes of waiting the progress bar had reached 100% I sat there astonished at what I had done.

I thought to myself "My Grandmother may be infuriated with me when she finds out what I have done" the thought echoed inside my head putting the burden of a thousand men on my shoulders. I sat there staring at the completed setup screen in amazement.

Now I am worried so I come to you, the people of this proud site. What do I do? What shall I tell my old grandmother of almost 70 years happend to her computer when she gets on to it to check her e-mails or look at her pictures? Do any of you have an excuse worthy of my situation? Please I beg of you to help me and show me what I can do to get myself out of the unseen consquences of my actions.


2008-08-03 04:31:25 by dalmo

Whats cracka lakin?

Hey Poozy!

2008-08-03 00:49:16 by dalmo

Don't be such an ass over people not liking you...

One mod I know

2008-08-02 20:32:23 by dalmo

Shouldn't be a mod...

Hey you

2008-07-31 17:41:07 by dalmo

Whats up? Hmm. Tell me your feelings?